Men + Yoga = The Perfect Combination?

Hi guys,

I wanted to tell you a little bit about my experience with being a yoga teacher, especially when it comes to teaching it to men. I am sure that some of you had to face many stereotypes when it comes to yoga and I’ve already talked about this in previous posts, but lately I have been contacted by more and more male yogis telling me that they do feel a difference in their bodies once they implemented a yoga routine into their lives. And not just that, they noticed positive changes in their behaviour and thought patterns. Moreover, they told me that even their friends and family noticed that they look different, refreshed and even younger!

I also have a friend who recently gave me a book about yoga that his father once gifted to him. It was over 50 years old and so I felt especially honoured when he gave it to me. This friend suffers from severe back pain, but through some yoga exercises that I showed him, he is managing it much better now.

What I am trying to say is that yoga really is not just a sport for women, but for men alike. If you ever need advice or are unsure about something, you can always contact me or just give it a try at one of my classes! 🙂

Plus, in 2020 I will be organizing my next yoga retreats in May/April, so make sure to check back regularly in order to not miss out on any opportunities! 🙂

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