Book review: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

– Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall?
– Do you tend to leave projects unfinished?
– Are you growing frustrated because you are not doing what makes you happy?

Then I have the perfect book for you! “The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron is specifically designed for anyone who would like to develop their creativity more and incorporate it into their daily life. Thanks to the book, you will learn how to beat procrastination and overcome a perfectionist mindset, so you can work towards your goals.

I know that this blog post sounds a lot like an advertisement, but trust me, it isn’t. I just really wanted to share this life-changing book with you, because at the beginning of my yoga journey and throughout setting up Carpe Diem Yoga as a company, it has not only helped me unleash my inner creativitiy goddess, but also enabled me to balance it out with my rather “uncreative” day job as a medical physicist.

Natasa meditating during one of her Yoga and Sailing Retreats in Croatia.
Natasa meditating during one of her Yoga and Sailing Retreats in Croatia.

Anyone can read this book, you do not need to be working in the creative industry. The Artist’s Way is the perfect tool for anyone who would like to learn how to live life true to themselves.

I know that this week’s blog post is somewhat different from what I usually post, but I could not help but share this awesome book with you, simply because so much good has happened in my life ever since reading it for the first time.

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Give it a try and make sure you let me know how you are finding it. I can’t wait to hear your opinion! 🙂

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